Oakwood Leather Conditioner for Rugged Hide / Oran Leather

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Quick Overview

Oakwood Leather Conditioner is formulated for preserving, softening, water repelling and for the protection of leather products. For use on leather saddles and tack, harness gear, boots, jackets, sports gear and accessories. Ideal for exotic leathers. Contains Australian ingredients including lanolin, beeswax, emu oil, tea tree and eucalyptus oil. We have tested this conditioner on our products that we sell here. Oakwood is recommended and suitable for Rugged Hide and Oran Leather Products. 


* Preserves, softens, protects and repels water.
* Won't permanently darken leather.
* Won't come off on your clothes.
* Protects stitching and easy to apply

Directions for use

1.Apply with soft cloth and allow conditioner to penetrate leather.

2. Polish excess off with soft cloth.

3. Repeat application as required.

STORE IN A COOL place after application and let it dry for 24 hours. Avoid sun before dry.

This Leather Condition is NOT Suitable for Suede or Nubuck Leather.

ALWAYS Test in an INCONSpicuOUS Area prior to use.